Artificial Turf Tips For Rainy Weather

The fact that artificial grass requires very little upkeep is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits when deciding whether or not to use it. However, when the rainy weather hits, you may be questioning how well artificial turf will hold up. The good news is that premium artificial grass is ideal for usage in all weather conditions. As long as you are familiar with the fundamentals, your synthetic lawn won’t suffer even if it pours down rain for days on end.


It Starts With Proper Installation

Many people wonder, does artificial grass drain well? Actually, it provides excellent drainage, especially in rainy and erratic weather conditions. There is little chance of large water puddles sticking around like they do with real grass. To make the most of the drainage that artificial grass offers, proper installation is essential. If you know how to do it with adequate drainage, you can certainly accomplish this on your own if you so choose.

Artificial grass is permeable and drains just as effectively as real grass, if not better. The secret is to just place it on top of the appropriate foundation and let it drain naturally. In fact, you might be astonished by how rapidly the rain evaporates. Once the rain ends, you may utilize the garden straight away because there won’t be any muddy areas or standing water for you to be concerned about.

Take Advantage Of The Rainy Weather

Water is used for the rinsing process if you maintain your artificial turf on a regular basis. This implies that you will just let it get rinsed by the rain. Afterward, wash your teeth again if necessary. PRO TIP: If rain is expected, clear the area of any debris in advance to prevent it from sticking to the blades of the artificial turf.

Conversely, if there is a dry time, you will only need to water the grass down occasionally to maintain it clean and gorgeous. In either case, you don’t need to be concerned about whether it appears to be raining or not in order to maintain the best-looking landscape possible.

Brush Your Artificial Turf

Intense rain will make your artificial grass appear somewhat flattened. The likelihood of this occurring increases if maintenance between storms was not implemented. Don’t worry, this is normal. The same thing happens with plants and grass.

Fortunately, we have tips on how to repair flattened artificial turf. Cross-brushing is reccommended to have your turf looking new. This method of brushing your artificial grass will prevent the infill from becoming compacted and will prevent it from becoming matted over time. Simply keep an eye out for any sections that have flattened and then swiftly correct them.

Remove Soggy Debris By Hand

Anything left on the grass after a downpour has the possibility of becoming damp and being stuck to the turf blades. This might occur with food scraps, cardboard, or anything else that is left on it after a rainstorm and is later forgotten about. Most of the time, trash may simply be removed from your artificial lawn and disposed of without much effort, even if it is wet.

Snow And Ice Solutions

You’ll quickly be relieved to find that your artificial turf is unaffected by even the hardest downpour. However, you might be concerned that with time snow and ice would prove to be a more difficult test for the grass. However, there is no need to be concerned since if you wait till the temperature rises, snow and ice will just melt and flow away like rain. Of course, you might want to remove it away manually if you need to utilize the grass for any reason and it hasn’t already done so due to melting.

The simplest approach to accomplish this without compromising your artificial lawn is to use a shovel to remove only the top layer. The next inch or so may then be removed with simply a brush without harming the grass below it.

You can make sure that your artificial lawn looks gorgeous even during rainy weather by following these easy-to-implement tips. We have additional fall maintenance tips for your synthetic turf. However, if you’re needing additional assistance, fill out our contact form or reach us directly at 844-260-4144.