Let’s be honest, natural grass is a pain in the you-know-what! It’s ‘labor intensive’, which means it takes a lot of work to keep it looking clean and groomed. It also uses a lot of water, a resource that’s getting more precious by the day.

If you’re trying to save time with a schedule that’s beyond hectic, and you want to do your part to conserve water and protect the planet, synthetic grass is definitely the way to go!

Advances in science and manufacturing have made it so that today’s synthetic grass is a world apart from the synthetic grass of yesteryear. It looks so real only squirrels can tell the difference, never needs water and never turns brown, even in winter!

The best part is, you can enjoy Turf Pros Solution synthetic grass the same way you do regular grass, but without the mud, bugs, ants and weeds. Play games and sports, have a barbecue, get a tan or just watch the day go slowly by, without a care in the world about whether your grass is looking fine. (Trust us, it is!)


You see them on your way to work, as you drive around town. or maybe right across the street. Lawns so perfect, so dreamy, they deserve an award. Meticulously manicured, always the perfect length and nary a dead spot in sight, you can’t help but be just a little jealous.

So how do they do it? Well, chances are, those ‘perfect’ lawns were made using synthetic grass from Turf Pros Solution, which means you too can get the
lawn of your dreams if you follow these 3 easy steps.

Easy Step #1 – Call, email or schedule a free estimate Turf Pros Solution today!

With 14 varieties of synthetic grass to choose from, in a wide range of styles, shades and lengths, getting the perfect grass at the perfect price is easy as pie. Even better, we have a friendly, fun staff, waiting to take your calls, give you the advice you seek and help you make the best choice.

Easy Step #2 – Choose your installation method.

We recommend that you have your Turf Pros Solution synthetic grass professionally installed, with our complete, 100% turnkey installation. Once you pick the grass you like best, we take care of the rest! Most jobs take less than 1 day to complete and, even if you have a bigger job, we get in and get out fast, so you can start enjoying your new artificial grass right away!

Of course, for all you DIY folks out there, we have everything you need to install our synthetic grass on your own, including our knowledge base or website for instructions. And hey, if you get stuck, the friendly folks here at Turf Pros Solution are always ready, willing and able to help!

Easy Step #3 – Enjoy!

Listen, we started Turf Pros Solution with 1 mission; to give our customers their weekends back, spending more time with family and friends and doing things that are more important than cutting and tending to grass.

We also strive to help our customers save money. A synthetic lawn comes with an upfront investment, it’s true, but the money you’ll save in water, chemical fertilizers and maintaining real grass will help you to pay off that investment in just a few short years.

More than that, Turf Pros Solution is passionate about protecting the earth, and that starts with less water waste, less harmful chemical fertilizers and less runoff of those chemicals into the surrounding water system.

As you can see, it only takes 3 Steps to get the Lawn of your Dreams, with
Turf Pros Solution synthetic grass!

We offer only the best in quality and technology for homeowners who seek the most superior artificial turf products.