How To Repair Flattened Artificial Turf

Natural grass is more fragile than synthetic grass. Its fibers are made to flex and bend, so pressure from constant use won’t cause them to break. However, that does not imply that it is unbreakable. Your turf lawn may seem untidy as a result of foot traffic flattening its fibers. Be at ease, though! Your artificial grass fibers may easily be made to stand erect once more.

What Flattens Artificial Turf?

Your artificial lawn may flatten due to a number of circumstances. Leaving the flattened areas can cause matting and make the situation worse. However, we have easy tips on how to repair damaged artificial turf.

Foot Traffic

Your plush grass will be flattened over time from regular foot activity. This is due to the fact that your body’s weight and pressure might compress it. It will flatten faster the more you walk on your artificial grass and the heavier you are.

Heavy Items

Patio furniture, chairs, playground equipment as well as other heavy items, can flatten synthetic grass if they are left on your lawn for extended periods of time. This is because these objects put greater pressure on the grass’s surface because they weigh a lot more than individuals do. Before adding playground equipment on artificial turf, be sure to get informed of additional tips that will prevent permanent damage.


Does Flattened Artificial Turf Need To Be Replaced?

You don’t need to repair matted artificial grass, either. Artificial turf only has to be replaced if it has suffered significant damage or melted after coming into touch with extremely hot temperatures. All you need to do to make artificial grass stand back up if it is flat or bowed is to brush it up a little.

What Should You Do to Keep Artificial Grass Upright?

Use these suggestions to address any matted areas in your artificial lawn:

Simply Brush Up the Turf

The first way to keep your artificial turf upright is by brushing. Depending on the type of grass you have, you can either use a brush or a broom. Make sure the bristles are nylon. The lawn may be damaged by metal bristles.

To straighten the strands of your synthetic grass, comb against the grain.

Use a Leaf Blower to Fluff Up the Turf

Use an electric leaf blower in its place if you don’t want to use a brush or don’t have one on hand. Keep the nozzle 6 inches or less from your turf’s surface. Then, for optimal effects, blow straight at it. This needs to be done multiple times in order to be effective. For maximum effectiveness, alternate between blowing and brushing artificial turf.

Top Off the Infill

The infill, which keeps the artificial grass blades standing, is made out of small plastic beads and fibers. Without it, maintaining the appearance of genuine grass on your fake lawn would be next to impossible. The good news is that premium infill is simple to introduce and keep up with. All you have to do is top off your artificial turf every few months with additional of the same stuff. This will maintain your artificial grass looking great and avoid any drooping or slumping problems.

Keep Your Artificial Lawn Looking Its Best

Learn how to properly refresh your artificial grass with our easy maintenance steps.  With low-maintenance synthetic grass products and landscape solutions, we can set you up for success.

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