Playground Equipment On Artificial Turf

Installing playground equipment on artificial turf can raise some concerns. For starters, can it be done? The short answer is: YES! You can put swing sets, trampolines, jungle gyms, and just about any other kind of plaything. They won’t harm your lawn and may be used all year long. Of course, the base of any piece of machinery, even a flower pot, might force the blades down firmly. After being freed from heavy things, giving the blades a thorough scrubbing with a push broom with stiff bristles or even a power broom will have them standing straight in a matter of minutes. Below are some perks to know before setting up your playground equipment on your artificial turf.

Leave Equipment Up Year-Round!

You can have the playground equipment up for a day or all year. Either way, your artificial grass will be totally fine.

Refresh Turf Blades

Over time a heavy object sitting on your turf lawn will cause the blades to flatten. You’ll need to refresh the turf blades if you move the playground equipment. You can do this easily by using a stiff bristle push broom or power broom.

Revitalizing Matted Turf Blades

With a few easy procedures and common household items, grass blades that have matted down due to pressure from an object can be revived. Once you’ve moved your equipment, determine which way the blades are inclined. Get under the matted blades’ thatch layer using a firm (not sharp) pointed item, and draw the blades back up. Make sure the blades are not entangled or entrapped in the thatch. Give the blades a good scrubbing with a stiff-bristle broom or deck scrubber brush while they are all raised up. Work them back and forth as though you were attempting to get carpet stains out. The more effective this is in reviving your blades, the warmer the day.

Repair Damaged Artificial Turf

Simply replacing a damaged grass patch is the most straightforward solution. This entails removing it and replacing it with a new piece. If the damaged area is only a minor portion, most people may complete this DIY project easily enough. You might wish to hire a qualified fitter to take care of it for you if a sizable portion of it has been destroyed.

Get Creative With Your Playground

Get creative and have fun! An increasingly popular option is to install your trampoline in the ground and have your artificial lawn surround it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing playgrounds with artificial grass. Contact Turf Pros Solutions at 844-260-4144 so we can come together to design a unique playground for your backyard. Your kids will definitely thank you for it!