The Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial grass is not created equal. While some things are primarily created for aesthetics, others are constructed for performance. These are crucial characteristics to understand when looking for pet turf, and to make your product research easier, we’ve included the most popular artificial dog turf from Turf Pros Solution right now, along with what makes them stand out. Learn more about the best artificial turf options for dogs below.

Artificial Turf Selection For Dogs

Additional Artificial Turf Tips for Dogs

When it comes to dogs our focus is of course safety first. Past that, additional concerns can arise as we navigate the pros and cons of switching from natural grass to artificial turf. However, we are problem solvers! As soon as a problem arises we research ways to minimize or eliminate the issue altogether. Below are some helpful tips on dealing with artificial turf when you have dogs in your family.

How to Clean Artificial Turf and Remove Pet Odors
Say Goodbye To Mud With Synthetic Turf
How To Refresh Artificial Grass

The Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Consider your performance requirements before beginning your search for the finest turf for dogs. Do your dog(s) frequently play in the backyard? Or do they all lounge in the same spot because they’re lazy? Is your yard completely exposed to the sun, somewhat exposed to the sun, or neither? Focus on a few essentials, such as “my dog is often playing outside, so I need high-performing grass,” or “my backyard doesn’t have any shade, but the dog likes to nap there, so I need turf that keeps cool in the heat.”

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