It’s always a challenge to keep your floors clean when children and pets come in after playing in the backyard. The last thing you need is to be constantly cleaning up all the mud the mutts and monsters drag into your house. Of course you want them to be outside in the yard getting fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. Running around and having fun is what dogs and kids do best. Do you want a yard that is both pet-friendly and kid-friendly? Look no further! Synthetic turf provides a safe play area for kids and is an optimal solution if you have dogs.

Having artificial turf for dogs and children from Turf Pros Solution can put an end to your muddy misery.

Picture a perfect lawn all year round! With beautiful, natural looking artificial turf, a backyard can be a great place all year long – regardless of the weather or season. Having artificial grass not only helps you with water conservation, finances and leisure, it completely eliminates all issues with mud. No more puddles on your lawn or mud tracts on your clean floors.

Why Get Artificial Grass for Dogs?

If your backyard is getting torn up by your dog and you haven’t found a good solution yet – you’re in luck! With synthetic grass, you will have the perfect pet-friendly yard. Installing our pet-approved turf will be the best decision you’ve made in a while. No ugly yellow spots and the best part is our turf won’t hold odors and is quick-draining!

This artificial grass for dogs is:

  • Environmentally friendly – it reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment
  • Water-friendly – it saves millions of gallons of water from being consumed by lawn irrigation
  • Pet-friendly – not only does this artificial grass protect your lawn, but it keeps your pets from ingesting pesticides and fertilizers
Why Get Artificial Grass for Kids?

Artificial grass is also a great way to make your yard truly kid-friendly. Our artificial turf is softer than real grass and won’t stain clothes! The best part is your kids can play as hard as they want—there are no torn-up clumps or patches of dirt in these play areas. It provides a safe area for your children to play – and it looks exactly like real grass!

In addition to its beautiful appearance, synthetic turf:

  • Is customizable – the artificial grass can be customized to look exactly how you want it to
  • Has soft padding for increased safety – under the grass, soft padding is installed and works well no matter how often your kids run around on it!
  • Drains quickly – with fantastic drainage, your kids can go out and play immediately after it rains
  • Is non-allergenic – kids got grass allergies? No problem!
  • Is easy on the skin – this synthetic turf is non-abrasive, so no more worrying about your kids coming inside with cuts and bruises
  • Provides clean environment – say goodbye to washing grass stains out of your children’s clothes!

Before you have to endure another season of having your yard a muddy mess, I strongly recommend you consider installing today’s natural looking artificial turf. Synthetic grass is an easily maintained and cost effective landscape alternative that will dispel all the inconveniences caused by a real grass lawn. Synthetic grass features an excellent drainage rate of 30+ inches or rain per hour per square yard! For more information on the durable and convenient synthetic turf or if you’re interested in this artificial grass for dogs and safe play area for kids, contact Turf Pros Solution today.

Do you want to say goodbye to mudd with Synthetic Turf?

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