How to Clean Artificial Turf and Remove Pet Odors

Artificial turf is practical, simple to install, cost-effective, and easily accessible. It may endure a long period if properly cleaned and cared for. You don’t even need artificial grass cleaning equipment to keep things clean and odor-free, but you will need some expertise and a little elbow work. This article will walk you through the required processes for cleaning and caring for artificial grass, particularly if you have dogs.

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Use the Right Infill

To begin, it’s always a good idea to double-check that your artificial grass is ready before allowing pet odor and other impurities to settle on it. This necessitates the selection of a suitable infill. Here are a few possibilities:


Rubbery pellets are another popular filler for artificial turf. It’s bouncy and porous and gives volume to artificial landscapes. Rubber, however, has several drawbacks. It retains heat like no one’s business and can be a touch too hot for pets’ sensitive paws.


Durafill sand is a typical artificial turf filler made of rounded quartz. It maintains its cool in extreme temperatures, does not absorb liquids, and is antibacterial. It’s pricier than other infills, but its rounded form is ideal for cushioning impact.

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Picking The Right Turf

Another important component in maintaining a clean artificial grass lawn is to design a landscape that is easy to maintain and has sufficient drainage. At Tuf Pros Solution, we have several options for you. Our experienced professionals are happy to help you find the right turf for you and your pets.

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Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

Most artificial grass just has to be cleaned once or twice a week to keep dust and debris from building up too much. Simply washing it down with a garden hose should suffice to keep it looking good.

If you have a pet, make sure you clean up after them on a regular basis. Getting a fine rake or brush that you may use on the grass is also a wonderful option. Pulling the artificial turf against the grain will keep it appearing firm and perky.

Imperial Prime Artificial Turf

How Often to Clean

Depending on how much use your synthetic lawn receives, you’ll want to keep it clean on a regular basis. Cleaning your lawn once every two weeks or once a month is generally plenty for lawns that don’t get much traffic or use.

If your pet goes out to do their business on the artificial turf on a frequent basis, cleaning it once a week is a good idea. Antimicrobial characteristics are found in most artificial grass and infill, however, a moderate antibacterial solution won’t hurt when it comes to cleaning the lawn. You may also dilute it with water to make it last longer.

More Questions?

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