Fall Maintenance For Synthetic Turf

A lot of people are moving to artificial grass because of how low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing it is. With synthetic turf, you no longer need to deal with frequent lawn maintenance chores like fertilizing, watering, mowing, etc. Synthetic turf stays green all year long, making it the simplest method to maintain a spotless lawn with almost no work.

However, to get the most out of your artificial lawn, some cleaning is needed. Yes, it’s great to jump into the pile of leaves, especially in the fall when they turn orange and begin to pile up on your lovely lawn, but as the leaves harden, they shatter into smaller pieces and create an even bigger mess. You can make your synthetic lawn seem attractive all season long by following a few simple procedures.

1. Fall Maintenance Tip: Clear Debris

Picking up large bits of trash on a daily basis is a simple method to keep your artificial grass looking spotless. This includes the bark and branches of any fallen trees in addition to the leaves. The leaves change color and fall in autumn. Up until you realize how messy your yard is, it is a wonderful sight. Use a rake to gather the leaves and other debris and remove it from your synthetic turf to clean the area. There are rakes made especially for synthetic turf, but any rake made of metal or bamboo works just fine. Using a push broom would also be an effective way of collecting and removing large debris from your lawn. We recommend staying away from a leaf blower for this process because while it does make the work faster and easier, it can disturb the infill.

2. Fall Maintenance Tip: Brush The Blades

Your artificial grass blades may become matted with time, especially in regions with a lot of foot activity from social gatherings, physical play with the kids, or your pet rolling about in the same location. The rain and leaf-falling in the fall make this happen more frequently. To fluff up your artificial grass fibers and keep each blade of grass erect, we advise cross-brushing your turf about once per month.

It is strongly advised to never use a brush with metal bristles since metal can harm the fibers of fake grass. By routinely brushing your grass, you may prevent matting, increase the lifespan of your synthetic turf product, and reduce the need for future maintenance that will be more involved. Your pocketbook will appreciate it.

3. Fall Maintenance Tip: Rinse Your Lawn

Would you like to reduce your water bill? The absence of watering is another benefit of an artificial grass installation. Contrary to actual grass, items made of artificial turf are always green and the right height, regardless of how much or how little water they receive. To remove dust, dirt, and pet waste, rinse-downs are strongly advised on occasion.

During the winter and spring, artificial grass is naturally cleaned by rain. However, in the fall and in regions with little rain, a fast cleaning with the garden hose will suffice. Unless you, the kids, and your pet dog want to jump in and play in the sprinklers for an hour straight, you won’t need to do that anymore. Your lawn will be adequately free of dust and other debris after only a few minutes of hosing it down.

4. Fall Maintenance Tip: Protect Your Turf

Every investment has to be safeguarded, and a lovely, durable artificial grass lawn is no exception. Fortunately, maintaining it in the fall is just as simple as maintaining it in the spring, summer, and winter. As long as you remember to give your grass a thorough rinse/brush every now and again, you’ll be sure to enjoy a lovely, green lawn throughout the fall.

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