Artificial Grass Tips For Summer

Since it is so simple to maintain and helps keep a lot of dust out of your home, artificial grass is ideal throughout the summer. It will additionally conserve water. These floor coverings occasionally warm up a little bit more than your typical grass, in contrast to genuine turf. Fortunately, there are several approaches to resolving this. Here are some basic tips for keeping your artificial grass comfortable and cool on hot days.


Artificial Grass Works for Hot Climates

If you haven’t had turf placed yet, it’s important to consult with a professional before making a purchase. The advanced technology of artificial grass has vastly improved heat management by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing heat. ARTIFICIAL GRASS TIP FOR SUMMER: Concentrate on grass types with a brighter or lighter color and lighter face weight for hotter climates. Some artificial turfs are so skillfully made that they can provide more cooling benefits than natural grass.


Summer Tip: Spray Your Artificial Grass with Water

Spraying water on established artificial grass is the quickest and simplest way to cool it down. The water will remove dirt and other debris from your grass as it cools it, giving your landscape a vivid and new appearance. The soil beneath the synthetic turf will remain damp and chilly for a long time, causing the grass to quickly cool and maintain its coolness.


Summer Tip: Surround Your Artificial Grass with Plants

Additionally, increasing the number and height of the plants surrounding your turf will keep it cooler. There are primarily two causes for this. First of all, large vegetation like trees will provide some shade so your lawn won’t be exposed to direct sunshine. Second, the plant’s transpiration and photosynthetic processes naturally cool the space around it, which can help maintain a cool environment in your garden.

When you turn on the irrigation to water your plants, the surrounding vegetation will also improve the appearance of your garden and help to cool it down.

When selecting the growth of your surroundings, it’s critical to concentrate on evergreen plants with a dense canopy. Autumn leaves from the evergreens won’t fall off as frequently, and a dense canopy will provide the most protection from the heat. To preserve your lawn, it is necessary to frequently remove tree leaves.


Summer Tip: Shade Your Artificial Grass from Sunlight

Preventing the grass from heating up in the first place is a terrific approach to keep it cool. This may be done by planting tall trees around your turf that have a dense canopy, or you can buy a garden set that has a canopy over your grass. As long as there is still a shadow over your grass, your turf should remain comfortable and cool.

Summer Tip: Install Cooling Infill

It’s crucial to choose the proper infill to keep your grass cooler. A material called infill can be poured into the spaces between the grass blades. This kind of infill provides stability, reduces ripples, and can aid with water drainage in addition to helping to keep your grass leaves erect and in place.

There are several filler materials available on the market, including cork, recycled rubber, washed dried silica sand, and coconut husk. However, the majority of expert businesses primarily employ an infill that may lower the heat created on your lawn by up to 30%. Granules with pores are the best choice for pet areas since they can absorb ammonia and water.

Just keep in mind that rubber infills often used on artificial sports fields should be avoided since they might increase heat absorption.


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You can create a cooler environment in general by adding a splash pad or swimming pool. There are several advantages of having artificial grass around pools. These ideas will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the temperatures in your garden. Give Turf Pros Solution a call at 844-260-4144 if you need assistance selecting a lawn for hot weather or if you need help with a turf infill. To ensure that you have a wonderful and cool summer, our professionals can assist you with any artificial grass problems.