Can You Install Artificial Turf on A Rooftop?

Rooftop installations are a well-liked new trend in the artificial turf market. You could be dubious when you first hear the idea and wonder if it’s even possible.   Will water be trapped there and cause a decaying, moldy roof? Will it require replacement more frequently than shingles do? Turf Pros Solution breaks it down for you since these are valid concerns for anyone considering installing artificial turf on a rooftop.

Artificial Turf Needs Proper Drainage On A Rooftop

Similar to installing artificial turf on concrete, drainage is not an option it’s a requirement! Obviously, drainage won’t be an issue with a slanted roof. However, there are additional safety measures that must be taken if artificial turf is going to be used to cover a flat roof. You should discuss your options with a professional installer, whether that means making a slope during the installation or making sure the turf is laid over a drainage mat.

Bottomline, without a defined strategy to achieve appropriate drainage you will just run into problems. Make sure you don’t sign any estimates or contracts. However, when drainage is done right, artificial turf will drain well and you won’t be left with a decaying, moldy roof.

Artificial Turf On A Rooftop Lasts Longer Then You Think

A shingle roof will typically need to be changed every 20 years or so. The duration is solely reliant on the shingle quality, just like any other house investment. Regarding artificial grass, the longevity will be influenced by the application.

Think of it this way, a rooftop patio with frequent foot traffic won’t endure as long as one with synthetic turf that is just there for aesthetic purposes. However, you may anticipate that a roof made of artificial turf would endure almost as long as shingles (15 to 25 years).

Artificial Turf CAN Be Installed On A Rooftop

Artificial grass is the ideal material to cover any empty spaces in your home or structure, even if they are on the roof. In fact, a rooftop application is one of the most intriguing since it turns a barren area into a lovely setting. There are also tips on how to clean artificial turf that’s installed on top of hard surfaces. Turf Pros Solution strives to answer some of the most often asked questions about the rooftop application, but if you have more or would like to get an estimate, fill out our contact form or reach us directly at 844-260-4144.