Why Is My Artificial Grass Shedding?

Given that not all synthetic grass is created equal, artificial grass shedding is a potential issue that might develop over time. Additionally, there are phases in the production process that permit “cheating” to generate a lower-quality turf at a cheaper price.

What Causes Artificial Grass Shedding?

Compromising with adhesive causes artificial grass to shed. Thinner grass blades and backing adhesives produce a cheaper product. Recommendations for residential artificial grass glue range from 18 to 20 ounces. However, other producers employ lesser quantities. To make it appear as though there is a lot of glue when there isn’t, they inject it with air. Another illustration is when businesses use less urethane in their adhesive. The weight is then increased to 18–20 ounces by the addition of filler. These kinds of corporate fraud have a long-term impact on you. Your artificial grass will shed.

If mild artificial grass shedding is occurring after installation, it’s normal. This is because every piece is cut to order from a much larger piece, this can cause frays/shedding on the edges of the turf. This is completely normal and is not cause for alarm.

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How Do You Combat Artificial Grass Shedding?

In addition, to proper cleaning of your artificial turf, there are a couple of ways to prevent artificial grass shedding from happening.

  1. Find out who manufactures your grass and where the factories are.
  2. Prices that look too good to be true should be avoided.
  3. Learn how long the firm has been operating. Work with an installer who has been in operation for a while. one with product knowledge and willingness to stake their reputation on them.
  4. Shop around before making a decision because the items will differ.

Have You Been Experiencing Artificial Grass Shedding?

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