How to Respond If A Skunk Sprays Your Artificial Turf

Adorable little skunks, but not so adorable when they’re hanging out on your artificial grass! They will naturally spray if your children, your dog, or anything else frightens or irritates them. They are able to spray that nasty substance up to ten feet away, and as we are all aware, the scent is horrible. What if it lands on your synthetic grass? Is your grass destined to always smell bad?

Fortunately, no. You may take some actions to properly clean and deodorize your synthetic turf. But whatever treatment you pick, move quickly!

Imperial Prime Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf For Pets Is Somewhat Skunk-Resistant

At Turf Pros Solution, we have a wide selection of grass, including items designed with dogs in mind. Since dogs in particular frequently use the grass as a pee area, pet-friendly turf is made to efficiently drain away urine and ward against smells. If you have this kind of grass placed, you will have an advantage if a skunk attacks. However, you won’t be safe at home, so continue reading for solutions that may get rid of even the most potent skunk odor from your landscape.

Tomato Juice Works On Artificial Turf

The compounds that give skunk spray its odor are neutralized by the acid in tomato juice. However, you’ll need a lot more tomato juice than you likely have on hand unless only a tiny portion of your turf is impacted.

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Humane Society Recommended

Since dogs frequently get into tragic altercations with skunks, the Humane Society advocates a DIY method you may use to clean both your dog and your fake grass. While working, be careful to put on gloves and clothing that protects your arms and legs.

Mix together:

  • 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • ¼ cup baking soda

Want a quick fix? Combine vinegar and water!

Gently apply the solution to the afflicted region, then give it a thorough rinse with fresh water. Due to the fact that peroxide is a bleach, leaving the solution on the grass might harm it. Bleach is one of the few exceptions if not promptly removed from top-quality artificial grass since it is exceptionally resistant to fading and all types of stains. If you wash your dog with this deodorizing cleaning solution, make sure to give him a thorough rinse as well.

A further caution: if the peroxide/baking soda combination is not consumed while it is still fresh, it may potentially explode. Try to simply combine what you’ll need and discard any extra mixture right away rather than keeping it.

Commercial Deodorizers Are Another Option

A reliable outdoor deodorizer made by Simple Green is secure for use on children, pets, and grass. You may also buy a product called PE-51 that not only freshens up your turf’s scent but also deodorizes it.

More Then Smelly Skunks

Most likely, you’ll never have to deal with a startled skunk’s aftermath. However, less horrific accidents might still happen when leading a normal life. As a result, even if your artificial grass is made to withstand the elements and ward off issues you’ll still need to keep it clean. Understanding how to clean artificial turf and remove pet odors in order to keep your lawn looking great for many years to come.

Give us a call if something happens that appears beyond your capacity to handle it or if you want to give your artificial grass a more thorough expert tune-up. Our aim is to maintain the lush, beautiful appearance of your lawn for many years to come. Contact us at Turf Pros Solutions today!