How To Get A Clean Edge For Artificial Grass

A nice clean edge is always pleasing to the eye. However, when edges look messy and not well groomed it’s the first thing someone notices. There are many things to consider when installing artificial turf like compacting the foundation and focusing on the outer margins. This is frequently disregarded, but it may significantly improve the appearance of your artificial grass installation. Below are some tips to help you get a clean edge for artificial grass.

Focus On The Artificial Grass Edge

You may occasionally have sections where the artificial grass doesn’t quite get a 90° compacted corner edge after compacting and tamping. Your grass blades will tilt as well if you surface over a curved edge because the backing will roll up the curve. Always be on the lookout for this to maintain a sharper, more reliable edge. You have complete control over the final appearance of artificial grass. Don’t ignore the details since they matter a lot.

Cutting Artificial Grass For A Clean Edge

To properly build your turf plan while installing artificial grass, you’ll frequently need to trim a few lengths off of a roll.

Tools needed: Tape measure, chalk line, sharp blade.

  1. Measure desired length and mark the edge of the backing with your blade. Measure from end of the backing, not fibers. Repeat on other side.
  2. Roll the artificial grass back up until your measured cut marks land on top of the roll.
  3. Snap a chalk line between your 2 points.
  4. With your blade just long enough to break the backing, keep a steady hand and cut down the roll until your piece is free.
  5. Install!

3 Tips To Achieve A Clean Edge For Artificial Grass Curve

  1. USE A SHARP KNIFE. A sharp knife should be used for every installation. Cut a bit at a time with a sharp knife. Check your work frequently to ensure that any errors are minor and undetectable.
  2. CUT FROM THE BOTTOM UP. Cut the grass blades from below (by rolling the backing back) to prevent cutting the blades on top. Using your blade, move it “up and back.” By doing this, you’ll lose fewer blades when cutting the lawn.
  3. LEAVE AN 1/8 INCH GAP BETWEEN YOUR LANDSCAPE EDGING AND ARTIFICIAL GRASS. Keep about 1/8th inch of space open between the turf and the edging product using the edging and your blade. The grass shouldn’t be too near to or too far from the edge.

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Getting a clean edge for artificial grass can seem easy but as you can see small factors play a huge role in the final appearance. Be sure to reach out for more tips so you can enjoy your new artificial lawn with minimal errors.