How to cut artificial turf

Whether it is a winding path or an existing new or old border, installing artificial grass can be custom cut to fit any yard. Just like any type of floor covering, artificial turf needs to be cut into shape while it’s being installed. Below is how to cut artificial turf:

What you’ll need to cut artificial turf:

You’ll need a pair of sharp, heavy-duty scissors or carpet cutting knife, a yardstick or measuring tape, and a silver marker or piece of chalk.


For the best results, you’ll want to install your artificial grass in square or rectangular sections rather than in one big piece. To get started, you’ll need to unroll the artificial grass so that it’s upside down, with the back of the grass facing you. After measuring each section, use a marker or chalk to mark the appropriate cutting lines on the back of the artificial grass.


Following carefully along the marked lines, cut each section as straight as you can with heavy-duty scissors or carpet knife. For the best results, work in one small area at a time; this will ensure more accurate measuring and cutting. If the sections are cut poorly or measured improperly, the artificial grass may show wrinkles or air bubbles after it’s laid down.

When cutting artificial grass, always make your cuts with the roll upside down. This allows you to follow the lines you’ve already marked; it also aids in following the stitch rows and the natural grain of the fabric as evenly as possible. When you get to curved corners or edges, make your cuts in small increments to ensure an accurate fit. Making small cuts will also help you follow the fabric grain more carefully.

Once each grid section has been cut, you’ll need to lay the pieces together from end to end. Make sure that the grain of each piece faces in the same direction, and that all of the stitches are lined up together. If you’ve made straight cuts and the stitch lines are matched up properly, the seams should be invisible.

Helpful Hint: When cutting turf, remember to replace the blades of the knife often to keep them sharp.

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