One of the most common question with synthetic turf installation is if artificial turf will stay green. Since artificial turf is installed in open air, it is, more often than not, exposed to direct heat from the sun, especially UV radiation. Previously artificial turf earned a reputation for losing its color. After prolonged exposure to sun, the bright green nylon fiber began to fade at an alarming speed, and within a few years the fake grass actually looked fake. But there are several reasons why people are now choosing artificial grass. It drains easily, there is little to no maintenance and it retains its vibrant, green color all year long no matter what the weather or climate conditions. Unlike early artificial turfs, in which color was directly applied to the fiber’s surface like paint, the natural color pigments in today’s synthetic grass are embedded in the polyethylene grass blades. The color is locked into the plastic and won’t fade away like the “paint” on old-fashioned synthetics.

How does artificial turf stay green?

Most types of artificial grass have UV stabilizers added that prevents the synthetic fibers from fading. It is inevitable that an extremely small percentage of fading will occur, but with the UV stabilizers added to the matrix it is normally less than 8 percent over a 10 year span of time. The stabilizers are added to material before the synthetic blades are formed. This incorporates it directly into the fabric so it will not wear away or be washed off.

Why choose Turf Pros Solution

Turf Pros Solution is made with the best quality colouring agents and UV stabilizers. As a result, UV radiation has no effect whatsoever on the colour of the grass. No matter how much sun, rain, hail, or snow your artificial grass lawn has to endure, it will remain attractive, our artificial grass doesn’t fade. We have tested our artificial grasses for colour-fastness and UV resistance under extreme circumstances. From the hot deserts of Arizona to the humid conditions of Florida, our artificial grass has proven its worth. Our artificial turf won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

So don’t wait any longer; take the right decision and get the lawn of your dreams!

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