Our customers switch to artificial grass to save money on water and all the other expenses associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. Installing your own artificial turf is easy… as long as you have detailed instructions, all the proper tools, and some real experience working with artificial turf. We can give you an artificial turf installation guide, and recommend some tools, but since you can’t get experience off the internet, we can give you the next best thing: some common turf installation mistakes to avoid.

Avoid these 7 mistakes DIY installers make for a much smoother artificial turf installation:

Mistake 1: No drainage

One of the most overlooked aspects of artificial grass installation is adequate drainage. It is vital that water is funnelled away from the grass; otherwise, you will end up with troublesome pools of water every time it rains.

Mistake 2: Incorrect measurements

Measure your installation area at least twice, and from different directions. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of turf to cover your installation area most efficiently by going over your calculations with one of our turf consultants.

Mistake 3: Incorrect base

Even a mistake such as using the wrong crushed rock type, and the wrong depth for your region can cause major issues down the road. We usually recommend ¼” to ¾” crushed drain rock as your base material. The coarseness of the base rock determines the amount of drainage your new lawn will have, so choose a coarser material if you have drainage issues. Also, never use rounded rocks like pea gravel because they will slide around as you try to compact them.

Mistake 4: Not installing a weed blocker

One of the benefits of artificial turf is that you no longer need to weed your lawn. However, for that to become reality, you need to apply a weed blocker layer underneath your artificial turf to discourage weeds and other plants from growing through your lawn.

Mistake 5: Throwing away your scraps after installation

Hand onto your leftover scraps of turf! They can be used for minor repairs or patches. Furthermore, you can use them as reference swatches if you need to buy more artificial turf in the future.

Mistake 6: Uneven surface

Imagine laying a carpet in your front room on an uneven surface, you just wouldn’t would you? And the same should go for your Artificial grass lawn! Even the slightest bump or stone will stand out like a sore thumb on a nice smooth lawn! So take time preparing your base, remove any potential hazards and make sure the ground is completely flat.

Mistake 7: Not buying quality artificial turf

Turf that seems cheaper up-front will cost you dearly down the road. There is a flood of imported cheap turf in the market, which may look identical on the surface but lacks substance in quality. The result is a turf that fades, falls apart and/or flattens after light traffic. Turf Pros Solution committed to providing the best artificial turf at the most competitive prices. Our warehouse carries the most advanced synthetic grass available, engineered to look and feel like real grass. Our turf is made with high quality materials that are safe for everyone.

Hopefully, this list of common mistakes will help you when it comes to installing your own artificial lawn. However if in doubt, contact us for either knowledgeable advice, or neat and professional artificial grass installation.