Moles, Voles, And Gophers

Moles, voles, and gophers (MVG) may quickly ruin your natural yard’s beauty and provide hazards for unpleasant falls and twisted ankles. As they consume your grass and flora, these burrowing vermin create mounded pathways of disturbed earth, converting your well-kept garden into a patchwork of dirt heaps and barren areas. However, these intruders may be rather annoying, and artificial grass can be the answer.

Moles, Voles, And Gophers Habitat

In your yard, these critters build structures that are quite similar to their homes. In order to live there, store food, and nurture their young, they excavate a nesting area. There are permanent tunnels, or underground thoroughfares, at the level of the nest area where they go from feeding runway to feeding runway and periodically access the surface through portals. The feeding runways and portals are what damage your yard’s surface.

Although moles, voles, and gophers (MVG) each have a distinct look and way of life, their underground abodes have a similar effect on your yard.

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Moles, Voles, And Gophers Solution: Artificial Turf

If MVG has infiltrated your homestead, synthetic turf can be the ideal answer. The intruders might be deterred from settling in your yard by installing artificial grass together with a fence or other barrier. This barrier, which is a mesh resembling garden fencing, prevents rabbits from stealing your attractive plants and veggies.

After excavation and before building the base that will support the synthetic turf, the mesh is placed over the substrate. Three inches of stone are used as the basis, which is spread over the mesh and compressed into the substrate via the mesh.

Moles, voles, and gophers cannot pass through the strengthened barrier that is created when the stone compacts and locks into the ground and the mesh.

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Let Turf Pros Solution Help You!

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