What makes good artificial turf?

What makes good artificial turf?

Fake grass, you say? Artificial turf is moving beyond football fields and golf courses to become more common in home landscapes. More and more homeowners are turning to artificial turf to beautify their property, thanks to its durability and convenience. As water shortages become more pressing in the years ahead, this trend is only likely to grow. Synthetic turf requires no mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing or pesticides. It reduces your water bill, looks great year-round and is widely available for installation in most metropolitan areas.

Choosing the right artificial grass can be tough, as there are many products on the market. Property owners and facilities managers on the lookout for good turf should seek the following:

  • Good looking. Ask for samples and compare to real grass lawns.
  • Good drainage. Your turf needs to be able to efficiently drain any rainwater that may fall on it.
  • Good blade density. High blade density will make your artificial turf look more realistic.
  • Good warranty. Your artificial turf should be covered by a warranty to defray the cost of any repairs.
  • Good infill. Good infill helps foster the durability and sustainability of your turf. It can also help protect the health of your children, pets, or visitors. Bacteria can grow in artificial turf and pose a health risk. Quality infill helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, ensuring that your commercial or residential artificial grass is safe.

Finding an artificial turf contractor:

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Buying Your Artificial Grass

Once you have selected which artificial grass product best suits your requirements then it’s time to buy. CONTACT US TODAY!