Lawn Games are better on Artificial Grass

Game time is way more fun on artificial grass.

If you’re a fan of lawn games, but hate the wear and tear on your grass, it may be time to consider artificial turf. Not only does artificial grass provide a low maintenance, eco-friendly, and cost-effective landscape, but also the ideal playing surface for backyard games. There are plenty of backyard games to play on artificial turf lawns. This type of surface is durable enough for everything from ring toss games to intense sports. Here’s some fun games to play on your artificial grass:

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a great game for all ages and skill levels and if you have kids, the simpler the game the better. A quality surface is the most important element in bocce ball. While stone dust, tennis court clay, and crushed oyster shells are all viable options, artificial grass is the best surface for bocce ball. Artificial grass has a smooth and exceptionally sturdy surface that provides fast play with minimal bounce. The durability of artificial grass doesn’t allow for the development of dips or holes that interfere with your game.


Spikeball can be played on a number of surfaces, but artificial grass surpasses them all. With lush artificial grass underfoot, players can move quickly and won’t have to hesitate before diving for a long get or dropping to the ground to reach a drop shot. You can go all out all the time. Plus, the even surface fosters fair play for all sets.

Water Balloon Fight

A spacious backyard with a water spigot has all the makings of an epic water balloon fight. But when you add artificial grass into the equation, the postwar cleanup becomes a nonissue. There’s no need to worry about the backyard turning into a mud pit and you can simply rake up balloon shrapnel after a water balloon fight on artificial grass.

Giant Jenga

Bigger build-ups and bigger crashes don’t mean bigger divots when you play giant Jenga on artificial grass. There also won’t be extra large rectangular patches of dead grass left to deal with when your kids forget to pick up the pieces after play.


Cornhole has grown in popularity in recent years.  Whether you have a store-bought kit or make your own, you’ll be sure that cornhole boards will remain level and stay put on artificial grass. With sand and natural grass, you never know if this will be the case.

Ring Toss

Horseshoes and similar ring toss games are also common options for people who want a fun game that doesn’t require major skill. Playing ring toss games with synthetic turf is especially fun because there’s no chance of damaging the lawn. Heavy rings or horseshoes can flatten sections of grass or create divots in a yard. When you play ring toss games with synthetic turf, that’s not an issue. The surface will stay in great shape, withstanding the impact of the rings.

Putting Greens for Mini Golf

We saved the best for last. Installing a golf green in your backyard will lead to hours of fun. Not only is this a great game for a family get together, but it is also perfect for those weekend golfers looking to improve their short game. Learn more about artificial grass for putting greens.

No matter what type of games you like playing in the backyard, with a fake lawn, you’ll have hours of fun without worrying about injuries or lawn damage. Thanks to low upkeep needs, you’ll get great use out of your lawn for years.  Instead of scrolling your summer days away on your device, unplug and take back the pure enjoyment of the season with these artificial grass lawn games! Do you have any questions about our products? Call Turf Pros Solution at 844-260-4144.