How long does artificial turf last?

Artificial turf is designed to be resilient and durable in any number of situations. Its longevity makes it ideal for lawns, gardens and patios – it can even be used indoors. It is constructed from polypropylene, nylon and other fibers that account for its ability to last several years before showing even the slightest amount of wear and tear. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season. With proper care and maintenance, artificial turf can last upwards of 25 years with only minimal signs of deterioration. 

The fact that it requires little to no maintenance is a bonus. The materials that are used do not degrade or deteriorate over time, even with constant use. High volume of foot traffic may gradually cause the blades to switch position, but it will not cause them to fray or deteriorate. Keeping the infill fluffed up helps to release any odors, improve drainage and support the blades of grass so they remain upright and looking as natural as possible.

A synthetic lawn has the advantage over natural grass of never needing water (not to mention weeding, mowing, or fertilizing), but it still needs to be sprayed clean and occasionally disinfected (it does not have the self-sanitizing properties of natural grass). If you want your artificial grass to last longer you need to keep it clean.

When you install artificial turf, you’re making an investment that will last up to 25 years. You are putting finances towards making your yard functional and beautiful and allowing yourself to improve your property value.

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