Benefits of artificial grass in winter

artificial grass in winter

Old man winter is here, but fear not, Turf Solution Pros is here spreading holiday cheer! While Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, Turf Solution Pros says let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Many homeowners with gardens know just how difficult it is to keep a garden looking nice during the winter. As soon as the autumn sets in, plants start to die, bald patches start to appear in the lawn, and leaves fall everywhere – creating a constant maintenance issue. More and more homeowners are discovering that the secret to keeping your garden green all year round lies in installing artificial grass. This fake grass looks and feels like the real thing, however it requires little to no maintenance and will revolutionize the way your garden looks. One of the most recognized features of Turf Solution Pros’s artificial turf products is the ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Even in the most extreme cold or intense heat conditions, Turf Solution Pros’s synthetic grass products are built to withstand mother nature’s cruelest punishment.

While snow, wind and frost don’t exactly make for an enjoyable gardening experience, for those with artificial turf, winter maintenance can be manageable and worthwhile.

Finding an artificial turf contractor:

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Tips for taking care of artificial grass during winter?

Should you walk on artificial grass? Snow should not have a huge impact on artificial grass but it is certainly not invincible. While you can still walk on your turf in winter, be cautious if the fibres freeze as treading on them could cause damage.

What maintenance does artificial grass need in winter? Continue to rake up any leaves from your lawn throughout winter. A quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris should ensure your lawn stays looking lush and green. If temperatures drop it’s best to leave snow and frost to melt and drain naturally through the turf.

Do you need to remove snow/frost? If you wish to remove any snow from the surface of your lawn, ensure you don’t do this by hand as this can create a ‘tearing effect’ and damage the fibres of your grass. Instead, use a plastic (not metal) shovel to clear any built up snow. You may also want to use salt, but you should only do this occasionally.