Backyard Putting Green Cost

A popular backyard amenity that many homeowners want is a putting green. In addition to being used for bocce ball or croquet, they offer a spot to practice your golf swing. However, the price of a backyard putting green can differ significantly based on the kind of grass you want to install, the distinctive design elements you use, and the supplier you choose.

Below are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of a backyard putting green. Whether you’re wanting to work on your golf game from home or have a putting green in your backyard to entertain guests, we have options for you.

Type of Backyard Putting Green

There are more factors to take into account when estimating the cost of your backyard putting green than just how it will appear. This is due to the fact that, even though these visual components determine what is seen, other aspects of the process will affect the procedure’s projected overall cost.

Your choice of grass will affect both the price and the quality. Putting Green Max, sand-filled designs, and real grass are the three basic varieties to take into account. An artificial putting green can suit your demands if you’re more interested in a softer surface or something special that nobody else has. The ideal option, though, could be a sand-filled backyard putting green if you want versatility from your backyard course or a golfing experience similar to what pros play on.


Backyard Putting Green Size

Cost of a backyard putting green is heavily influenced by the size of the green. Your backyard putting green may be as large as you like and will cost less per square foot the more acreage you have. There are alternative methods to make a real-size putting green practicable on smaller surfaces, such as 16×16 or 15×15 feet, if you don’t have enough room for one like those seen at major golf competitions.

Still quite versatile for training in your backyard, these sizes. You must calculate the cost of a backyard putting green by first calculating the square footage of the backyard green and then calculating the entire cost of the necessary landscaping.


Backyard Putting Green Preparation

Given that there is no excessive slope, putting greens are very easy to build and maintain although the installation does require some preparation. Depending on the layout of your backyard, this preparation might take as little as a cup of coffee or as long as a day.

Make sure you have considered a number of considerations before considering the construction of an artificial putting green.

Graduated greens are made with slopes and undulations to resemble natural turf-based courses, whereas tiered greens are better suited for lush and dry terrain. As it’s crucial to lay your course upon compacted class 1 or 2 permeable base rock to offer a firm foundation upon which all other aspects of durability may rely, drainage cannot be ignored.

In order to put the rubber (or sand) filler granules layer down, the land must be free of weeds and organic material before building can begin. Contact us at Turf Pros Solution so we can walk you through this process and give you a FREE custom quote on your backyard putting green.


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