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As the popularity of artificial turf increases, more parents and childcare providers are seeking information to help them determine if natural grass or fake grass is the safest option for use in their landscaping. Turf Pros Solution artificial grass for playgrounds is lush, beautiful synthetic grass that is safe to play on, soft to fall on, and cost-effective. Artificial grass is safer, cleaner, and more comfortable than natural sod or a rubber playground grass surface. In addition, an artificial grass play area also significantly reduces threats from insects, unwanted pests, and grass allergies. Our artificial grass for playgrounds was designed to withstand the extreme traffic a playground endures. We have devised a unique blade structure and new yarn that resists wear up to four times that of other synthetic grasses. We have a revolutionary new seaming system that ensures that your kids will wear out before our seams do.


  • — Conserve water
  • — Limit chemicals used in yard care
  • — Limit exposure to bacteria and potentially toxic substances
  • — Lower carbon footprint by reducing the need for powered lawnmowers and other equipment
  • — Have a beautiful lawn that never has to be weeded, mowed, watered, or aerated
  • — Level surface and safer play area
  • — No more grass stains on your children’s play clothes.

Choose a professional installation company offering high-quality products to get the safest option for your yard in ORLANDO, FL.

Turf Pros Solution is committed to providing the best artificial turf at the most competitive prices. Our warehouse carries the most advanced synthetic grass available, engineered to look and feel like real grass. Our turf is made with high-quality materials that are safe for everyone.

The maintenance required to keep a conventional grass lawn looking its best, including mowing, weeding, watering, aerating, edging, and fertilizing, can require hours of your time every week or the expense of hiring a professional landscaping company to perform these tasks for you. When it comes to ensuring that your children have a safe place to play, who you choose to install your lawn is just as important as the product you choose.

This is what kids were meant to play on!

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