Eco PREMIUM (Sample)

Eco PREMIUM (Sample)


Our only green on green grass has a beautiful field green color and is perfect for pets, pool areas, playgrounds, and more!

Color:  Two-toned, Bi-colored Field Green with Green Thatch
Pile Height: 1.38″
Turf Gauge: 3/8″
Total Weight: 40 oz
Stitch Rate: 16/10 rate
Stitches/M: 18900
Backing: 2 layers/Composite & Latex
Roll Size: 15 x 100
Technology: C Blade Mixed

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We advise customers that if they install artificial turf in an area that is considered a hot climate, near reflective window the grass may melt under extreme conditions.  Please use sun screens for windows that sun may reflect onto the turf from or those in close proximity to the installation area.  Some windows may have coatings in which reflect heat off to cool the home, these also reflect more heat than normal and may cause burn spots or melting.  Turf Solution Pros and the manufacturer are not responsible for any damage due to natural climate occurrences, such as melting, burn spots, etc.

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Weight 1.0 lbs